Play. Socialize. Cuddle. Run. Nap. Ahhhh ….
It’s definitely a dog’s life at Karla’s Bed & Biscuit.

My name is Karla Demmer and I love dogs! I’ve been providing professional care for dogs in my home for over fifteen years.

Day Care Dog BuddiesMy idea of care doesn’t involve cages and the occasional walk. Karla’s Bed & Biscuit is a unique cage-free environment where dogs get to be dogs. Check out our services.

A large, enclosed outdoor yard provides endless opportunity for dogs to burn off energy, play with friends, and enjoy the country air all day long. Inside are comfy dog beds and couches to curl up on to nap during the day and sleep at night. A wide variety of friendly and balanced dog guests provide great companionship and socialization.

Dog Play BuddiesDogs are pack animals who thrive best in the company of other dogs and humans. At Karla’s Bed & Biscuit, dogs aren’t locked away alone in cages and exercised once or twice a day. Here they live in a family environment where they’re able to get plenty of exercise, play, and affection.

Our many returning dog guests are excited to come to the Bed & Biscuit and usually leave very tired and very happy.

Located on ten acres in the beautiful countryside of Saline, the Bed & Biscuit is only a short 20 minute drive from downtown Ann Arbor.

As the Bed & Biscuit is located in my home, personal tours, unfortunately, aren't available. Instead, visit us with a virtual tour by checking out the Photo Gallery where you'll see many photos of the guests inside and outside enjoying the Bed & Biscuit.